Ontario Blanding’s Turtles get a Head Start at Toronto Zoo

by KEN ARDILL, Zoo Photographer (Volunteer) ||

Clockwise from top-left: (1) Crystal Robertson, Stewardship and Social Marketing Coordinator at Adopt-A-Pond, holds a newly hatched Blanding’s turtle (Photo courtesy of Ken Ardill) (2) Blanding’s turtle hatchlings (3) Eggshells left behind by the hatchlings (4) Blanding’s turtle hatchlings

One day old and cute, cute, cute! It’s a Blanding’s Turtle, born at Toronto Zoo on August 6th! This medium-size species, found around the Great Lakes, has become endangered due to habitat loss, road-related mortalities, and large numbers of predators. Left alone, she may live 80 years or more. After a two-year head-start at the Zoo she’ll be released with her brothers and sisters into nearby Rouge Park. It’s just one of many programs by Toronto Zoo’s Adopt-A-Pond Programme aimed at species preservation.