Seafood for Thought

by SAACHI SADCHATHEESWAREN, Assistant to the Curator of Reptiles and Amphibians ||

On June 21st, Adopt-A-Pond joined various caterers and Toronto Zoo staff in a gourmet festival to bring attention to marine species at risk. Our focus was on sea turtles, mainly leatherbacks and loggerheads, both of which make their way up to Canada’s coasts to feed. Unfortunately both of these turtles are in danger of becoming extinct due to various reasons, including mistaking plastic bags for their favourite diet: jellyfish! In addition, practices like longline fishing can entangle unsuspecting turtles, causing injury and sometimes death. Despite the torrential rain that flooded the splashpad – an ideal location for this event in more ways than one, guests enjoyed the food and turtle facts with gusto! Lots of questions were asked and answered, and quite a few people had great stories about turtle encounters, both in Ontario and in the oceans. Overall, a most soakingly successful event!

Adopt-A-Pond hosts a booth at the Seafood for Thought fundraiser.