Young Naturalist Shares his Turtle Knowledge

by JACK NOBLE, Ontario Turtle Tally Participant ||

Jack speaks about turtles at the Erieau Yacht Club. (Photo courtesy of Kathy Noble)

This past summer I was invited to speak to a group of children at the Erieau Yacht Club about turtles in our area. I was excited to talk about something I know a lot about and to be able to share this with the kids. The Yacht Club has a summer program with children of various ages and teaches swimming, sailing and kayaking, so they see a lot of turtles in Rondeau Bay.

They were excited to have me come and they were very interested and asked a lot of questions. The children were very happy to receive the fridge magnets and all the information that the Toronto Zoo had given me to hand out. I am sure that they left with a new knowledge of the turtles, and how to keep them safe.

Note: This article was originally published in the Winter 2011 issue of Adopt-A-Pond’s Amphibian Voice.