Adopt-A-Pond: A Co-op’s Perspective

Jessica weighing and measuring our Headstart Blanding's

Jessica weighing and measuring our Headstart Blanding’s

Hi, my name is Jessica, I am Adopt-A-Pond’s high school co-op student at the Toronto Zoo. I help out in the office and also work with the turtles in the Wildlife Health Centre. Everyone at the Zoo is very welcoming and helpful. I come here every day excited for something new and there hasn’t been a day I’ve regretted being here. While I’m working I meet a lot of new people from different environments, get to see different ways to problem solve, and help organize events.

Jessica radio tracking for turtles

Jessica radio tracking for turtles

I work in the afternoon and I am exposed to many different kinds of situations. One day I could be doing office work, and another day I could be working with snakes, frogs and turtles with my supervisors. As I do my co-op with Adopt-A-Pond I learn a lot of new skills that will help me later on in school or in another workplace. I now know how to use different computer software, and have learned some of the skills needed to care for exotic animals. I can also name almost all of the Species at Risk turtles in Ontario!

It was a great experience working with the Toronto Zoo and I recommend the Zoo for any co-op program!

by Jessica Vigneswaran (AAP Co-op Student)