First Turtle Tallies of the 2013 Season!

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Congratulations Dj Sproat for entering the first 2013 season’s Turtle Tally! On March 22, Sproat saw the first season’s turtle swimming in a wetland near the town of Stirling. Unfortunately Sproat was unable to identify the species.  Better luck next time Sproat!

March brought a total of 42 turtle sightings! Most sightings were of midland painted turtles (Chrysemys picta marginata), but one Species at Risk turtle, Blanding’s turtle (Emydoidea Blandingii) was see basking in a pond at Tommy Thompson Park, Toronto.

May’s warmer weather brought a flood of more turtle sightings; 258 turtles to be exact! Sightings consisted of many more midland painted turtles from across Ontario, and a small population (up to 3 at one time) of Banding’s turtles living in Tommy Thompson Park.

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You can help turtle conservation and research by submitting any sighting of a turtle in Ontario to Turtle Tally! By signing up you will receive a free package of resources including a turtle poster, laminated ID guide and much more!  All data collected with help researchers track turtle populations, focus conservation efforts and protect Species at Risk turtles.