Nature Wins in Ontario

Photo by:  Tedder, 2009

Photo by: Tedder, 2009

Green energy sources, like wind farms, are fantastic solutions for make our communities more environmental. However, if their construction comes at a price of destroying valuable habitat and wildlife, it defeats their purpose.  This was such the case for an area designated for wind farm creation along the shoreline of eastern Lake Ontario. This area was found to contain a globally significant Important Bird Area (IBA) and important habitat for a population of Blanding’s turtles, a threatened species in Ontario. To the joys of naturalist throughout the country, the Ontario Environmental Tribunal voted to stop the creation of the planned wind farm. This decision is a surprising win for nature given that this investment had potentially huge economic benefits. The significance of this win is that nature has intrinsic value to Ontarians and has enough supporters to be defended successfully! Way to go Ontario! 

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