Oregon Spotted Frogs: the Precious Frog

Oregon Spotted Frogs (Rana pretiosa, meaning “precious frog”)

The Oregon spotted frog is considered one of the most endangered amphibians in Canada. It has disappeared from over 70% of its known habitat. Only 35 known population pockets occur from the Lower Fraser Valley of southern British Columbia south to southern Oregon. Each pocket is found to have fewer than 1,000 individuals and in some pockets the population has become completely extirpated.

The Oregon Spotted Frog is the only organism so far to receive an “emergency listing” as an endangered species in Canada.

Possible reasons for this frog’s decline included predation, pressure from non-native species, habitat loss and alteration, increased larval mortality due to runoff, climate change, and increased susceptibility to disease.

Toronto Zoo is helping Oregon Spotted Frogs through a breeding program which protects their genetic diversity. The Zoo also funds off site population monitoring of wild populations, and has developed educational resources for community involvement in backyard conservation.

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