A Big Thank You! To the Participants of Appreciation Day 2013

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A Big Thank You to everyone who participated in the Ontario Turtle Talley and FrogWatch Ontario Appreciation Day!

Every November we invite the participants of our citizen naturalist programs, Ontario Turtle Tally and FrogWatch Ontario, to join us for a day at the Zoo.

This is not just any day at the Zoo. We provided our participants with an overview of accomplishments from the past year and highlights of how their participation has contributed to amphibian and reptile conservation projects in Ontario. Of course everyone that attended is a frog or turtle lover so we organized a selection of researchers and conservation experts to give informative presentations on new and exciting turtle and frog research in Ontario.

We also encouraged participants with unique and interesting stories to get up and share their experiences with the crowd. The day concluded with lunch and an afternoon touring of the Zoo. What a great day!

This is an invitation only event, so please report your sightings to Ontario Turtle Tally or FrogWatch Ontario to get on the guest list for next fall!

Check out this year’s summaries by clicking on the following links:

TTmap FWgraph FWmap TTgraph