It’s time to keep an eye out for turtles!

First Paint turtles sightings of the season in Rouge Park

First Paint turtles sighting of the season in Rouge Park


With warm weather coming this weekend and next, spring is finally in the air. With warm weather comes the emergence of reptiles crawling and slithering out of their hibernation spots, so it’s time to keep an eye out for turtles! We snapped this in Rouge Park on that very warm and pleasant 20°c day last week. The first Adopt-A-Pond turtle sighting of the season!

Help us learn more about turtles by submitting your turtle sightings to Ontario Turtle Tally. We want to know when turtles are coming out of hibernation so we can compare the timing to other years, and to see how a seasonal fluctuation, such as a long winter, is affecting our Ontario turtles.

Your contribution is a great way to help turtle conservation and research! Please submit any sightings of Ontario turtles you see to Ontario Turtle Tally.

Wishing everyone a treat and family filled Easter weekend!