Nesting turtles everywhere!

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Nesting turtles everywhere! The Adopt-A-Pond’s Turtle Tally programme is receiving an influx of nesting turtle sightings from all over Ontario. Our first nest sighting was a Painted turtle on May 30th in Ottawa, followed by a nesting Northern Map turtle on June 1st in Hastings.

Here is a few of the wonderful turtle nesting pictures sent by Pat Grace, a long serving supporter of Ontario Turtle Tally!

You can help turtle conservation and research by submitting any sighting of a turtle in Ontario to Turtle Tally! By signing up you will receive a free package of resources including a turtle poster, laminated ID guide and much more!  All data collected with help researchers track turtle populations, focus conservation efforts and protect Species at Risk turtles.

 If you would like to be a Turtle Tallier click HERE