Top Three FrogWatchers in May

1. Pat Baldwin of Port Perry submitted over 30 sightings of Spring peepers and American toads calling in a full chorus. Pat also heard a few Gray Treefrogs, a species that is not often heard until June, but was brought out this year by the unusually warm weather of early May.

2. Linda McCutcheon of Thorndale submitted 13 submissions in her back yard pond alone!  So far her backyard pond has been a chorus of Spring peepers, American toads, Chorus frogs and Gray Treefrogs

3. Suzie McComb near Exeter submitted a number of Green frog sightings. They haven’t started to call yet, but check out her wonderful shots below.

Falmai Page, a long time FrogWatch supporter, has installed some creative devices to help save frogs and other little creatures that fall into her pool.  Check out her pictures of the Froglog (available at: and Skamper Ramp (available at large pet store chains and pool stores) installed around her backyard pool.

Two easy, cheap, and effective solutions to save our froggy friends and other wildlife from becoming trapped in your pool!

The Zoo’s Adopt-A-Pond Wetland Conservation Programme plays an integral role by coordinating the FrogWatch program in Ontario. The FrogWatch program engages volunteers in monitoring amphibian populations and their habitats to determine trends in species distributions and calling patterns over time. More than 1,100 people have contributed 15,000 plus observations to FrogWatch Ontario, and the program is still growing!

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For more information about Toronto Zoo conservation programs visit:

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