Aurora Public Library Turtle Exhibit July 6th to 31st

We are excited to hear about individuals and their efforts protecting turtles!

Check out the video below to see Rosemary Oliver`s crafty way of saving these unique creatures!

Turtles take over the Aurora Public Library! “Turtles of Ontario“ is a display that features replicas of the eight turtles living in Ontario created by fibre artist Rosemary Oliver! The shells are made of paper-mache, the wire and stuffed limbs are made of fabric, then are painted and hand embroidered to complement the turtle’s anatomical details. Accompanying the turtles is information provided by Adopt-A-Pond the Toronto Zoo`s Wetland Conservation Programme. This exhibit runs from July 6th to 31st!

turtle-tally-logo_croppedIf you see a turtle anywhere in Ontario, remember to report your sighting to Ontario Turtle Tally. This citizen science programme collects turtle sightings from volunteers across the province. All the data we collect helps us and our conservation partners to identify where turtles live, and helps guide work to protect turtle habitat! Become a Turtle Tallier today!



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