THANK-YOU to all of you that came out to the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup on Wednesday!

Together with staff and volunteers from the Toronto Zoo and 21 local community members we cleaned up over 340 lbs. of garbage from the Rouge Marsh and Beaches!! Because of you, fewer wildlife will suffer tragic fates because of debris left behind in their habitats, and we all can enjoy a cleaner community!

Interesting finds for the year include: lawn chairs, bed frames, baby socks, fencing, sparklers and men’s boxer briefs (eww!)

The Adopt-A-Pond Programme participates in, and hosts, a number of conservation events you can participate in throughout the year; including World Wetlands Day, Earth Day Celebrations, Spring Toad Festival, American Tortoise Rescue’s World Turtle Day and The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup! There are also a number of volunteer days where you can participate in re-naturalizing habitat with tree, wetland and meadow plantings.

Follow the Adopt-A-Pond blog, using the link at the bottom of the page, to receive updates about these awesome upcoming events!

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