Turning the Tide for Turtles – Help Support the Toronto Zoo’s Blanding’s Headstart Programme!

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The Toronto Zoo is embarking on a long term reintroduction project with Blanding’s turtles as part of an ecological plan to recover Blanding’s turtles in Rouge National Urban Park. The first of its kind in the GTA, the project marks a significant step in 15 years of turtle monitoring and research.

Working with partners at the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Parks Canada, University of Toronto Scarborough Campus and Toronto and Region Conservation Authority hatchling Species at Risk turtles are being raised at the Toronto Zoo until they are two years old and ready for release to the wild. This two year boost in growth helps ensure that a greater proportion of young turtles will survive to adulthood since their larger size means that most predators will not be able to swallow them.

Turtles RNP

So how can you help?

From October 6th – October 23rd, 2015 you can vote for the Toronto Zoo’s “Turning the Tides for Turtles” project, and help us win up to $100,000 through the Aviva Community Fund. The more votes we receive, the greater our chances of winning!

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Visit Aviva Community Fund  to register your email, then search “Toronto Zoo” on the homepage to get to our project.

And don’t forget to vote once a day, every day from October 6th-October 23rd.

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