Introducing Eryk to Adopt-A-Pond

Eryk with a Puerto Rican crested toad

Eryk holding a Puerto Rican Crested toad.


Welcome to Eryk, our newest addition to the Adopt-A-Pond team. He recently completed his undergraduate degree in Zoology at the University of Guelph. During his time at Guelph, he volunteered in a laboratory studying damselflies and completed his undergraduate honours thesis on the genetic diversity of caddisfly larvae in Algonquin Park. He has also worked at Scales Nature Park in Orillia taking care of a variety of reptiles as well as doing outreach presentations teaching the public about Ontario reptile species at risk. We are quite excited to have Eryk joining us for the summer. His main responsibility will be taking care of our Puerto Rican Crested toads as part of a conservation breeding project at the Toronto Zoo. To learn more about the Toronto Zoo’s Puerto Rican Crested toads conservation breeding project, see this link:


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