Teaching Kids about Turtle, Frog and Wetland Conservation!!

Every year, the Adopt-A-Pond Programme donates their turtle and frog identification resources to a number of environmental education programs to help with the success of their programming. Some examples of these great programs include: the Wetland Centre of Excellence Mentorship Program (WCEMP) at the Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority (CLOCA), the Durham Children’s Groundwater Festival  (also at CLOCA) and the Discovery Forest School  with The Earth is Hiring.

High school student showing a Green Frog to children at the Wetland Centre of Excellence Mentorship Program. Photograph courtesy of Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority.

The Wetland Centre of Excellence Mentorship Program at CLOCA trained high school students to deliver wetland conservation education programming to elementary school children and involved the high school students in building turtle nesting protection structures for CLOCA’s Turtles4Tomorrow program. In this way, CLOCA is encouraging an appreciation for wetlands and nature in youth and fostering environmental stewardship for future generations. More information about their program can be found here.

The Durham Children’s Groundwater Festival is an annual festival in the CLOCA jurisdiction (Oshawa) which aims to increase awareness of water issues with grade four students and motivates them to become water stewards through hands-on learning activities.

Children using Adopt-A-Pond’s turtle identification guides to learn about Ontario turtles. Photograph courtesy of the Discovery Forest School.

The Discovery Forest School with The Earth is Hiring went on an outing with their kindergarten children to Bear Creek Ecopark where they learned about wetland environments and used Adopt-A-Pond’s frog and turtle identification guides to teach the children about different species in the environment. More information about this outing can be found here.

This is a small sample of some of the work local organizations are doing with Adopt-A-Pond’s resources and we are very happy that they are contributing to great environmental education programs throughout Ontario!

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