Making Roads Safer for Turtles


A Snapping Turtle enters one of the four small culverts under the Causeway. Two more small culverts and one large aquatic culvert will be installed this fall, bringing the total number to 12 culverts under the 3.6-kilometer road.(LPCIP)

The Long Point Causeway Improvement Project has been moving along at a slow and steady pace over the past 10 years. Starting as a group of concerned citizens who wanted to do something to reduce the large numbers of turtles and snakes hit on the road in their area, this group is now completing its 12th wildlife crossing culvert to safely allow animals, and flowing water, to travel under the busy Long Point Causeway.

Despite the organizations hard work, and fundraising of 2.7 million dollars to complete the project, the county remains reluctant to commit to maintaining the 12 culverts. With so many more culverts already being maintained throughout the county, the upkeep of an additional 12 seems a small price to pay to protect the many endangered species which call this area home.

The full article from the Simcoe Reformer can be found HERE

Animals like turtles and frogs can be seen crossing roads as they travel throughout their habitat. Always remember to slow down in wetland areas and report your sightings to Toronto Zoo’s Turtle Tally and Frog Watch programs!



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