This $100 turtle package was so popular in 2016 that we brought it back this year! This ‘Adopt-an-Animal’ turtle package offers you the chance to name one of the 49 baby Blanding’s turtles from our headstart program. Each of the turtles will be released into the Rouge National Urban Park next year as part of our comprehensive approach to species recovery within the park. Each new turtle parent will:

  • Have the opportunity to name their baby Blanding’s turtle,
  • Receive an adoption certificate with a colour photo of your unique turtle and its new name,
  • Receive a fact sheet on these amazing animals,
  • Receive a fun animal newsletter,
  • Be invited to an exclusive event where you will get to meet some Adopt-A-Pond staff as well as Captain Sunshine – a mature Blanding’s turtle, and
  • Receive a full charitable tax receipt for the buyer.

This adoption package makes a unique gift that allows you to support the great work Toronto Zoo is doing to save threatened animals like the Blanding’s Turtle, as well as the Adopt-a-Pond Wetland Conservation Programme. It is also lots of fun! So go ahead, and name a turtle! For more information or to purchase your package, click here and scroll down to the ‘Turtles Are Tops’ link.

                           Photographs by Scott Gillingwater