Turtle Tally and FrogWatch Participant Appreciation Day 2017

Last Saturday, November 18, Toronto Zoo hosted their annual FrogWatch and Turtle Tally Appreciation Day to thank the over 480 citizen scientist observers who participated in the programmes in 2017. Since the inception of FrogWatch in 1999, over 18,489 observations have been made with 180 of those made in 2017. Since the inception of Turtle Tally in 2003, over 19,984 observations have been made with 997 of those in 2017. Together there have been 38,473 observations submitted by citizen scientists in both programmes!

Every November, Toronto Zoo’s Adopt-A-Pond Programme invites participants of our citizen science programmes, Ontario Turtle Tally and FrogWatch Ontario, to join us for a day at the Zoo. This year, 125 citizen scientists attended and included informational booths from Toronto Wildlife Centre, Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre and Little RES Q, and presentations from Toronto Zoo Staff, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, Trent University as well as public stewards including Flow Learning Group and Conservation Queens. Participants were provided with an overview of accomplishments from the past year and highlights of how their participation contributed to amphibian and reptile conservation projects in Ontario.

As science relies on observation, citizen scientists are an important part of conservation. The more people that examine natural phenomena and record and share information, the more understanding we gain. An increasing number of scientific inquiries now depend on contributions from people in the community, such as citizen scientists, to help them answer important questions. Citizens now have many opportunities to partake in a wide range of scientific discovery.

Testimonial: “I’ve been participating in the program so long that I don’t actually remember it not being a part of my life. Being a part of a citizen science project such as the Adopt-A-Pond Programme has made a large impact on my life and ultimately helped me decide and prepare for my career in the environmental field. Citizen scientists are very important to the environmental field, providing valuable data by volunteering their time and skills to special programmes like Adopt-A-Pond.” –Jeff Howard, Adopt-A-Pond “Veteran”

For more information on Turtle Tally and Frog Watch Ontario, click here.

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