Partnering with Barrick Gold

The Adopt-A-Pond Wetland Conservation Programme would like to acknowledge the Barrick Gold Corporation for providing support for wetland conservation and programming over the past year.

Barrick Gold is committed to supporting communities around the world where they operate, including those in the Greater Toronto Area where their head office is located. They have supported countless non-profits and charities through their Heart of Gold Fund and this past year focused on GTA registered charities that contribute to any or all of digital education, the environment, and women’s issues.

Barrick Gold partnered with Toronto Zoo previously, in 2015, to provide funding for the Zoo’s Wildlife Health Centre that supports infrastructure for wetlands and biodiversity programming including the Turtle Head-Start and Amphibian Rescue facilities. Funds were also used to assist Adopt-A-Pond in adding and restoring wetland areas on Zoo property, which is adjacent to the Rouge National Urban Park. We are pleased to have been in another partnership.

Adopt-A-Pond works with community groups and conservation partners on projects to protect local wetland habitats and species that live within, notably reptiles and amphibians. Wetlands are important ecosystems as they filter our water, prevent flooding and erosion, remove carbon dioxide, and support the second highest number of animals after tropical rainforests. Sadly, over 75% of wetland habitats in Urban Canada have been lost due to development or drainage for agriculture. They need our help.

This year, funding from Barrick Gold primarily supported:

  • The Blanding’s Turtle Head-Start program;
  • Habitat restoration projects such as shoreline clean-ups to improve habitat for head-started turtles and other wildlife;
  • Projects focused on turtle protection and increasing habitat connectivity such as road ecology projects; and
  • National Indigenous Peoples Day, which celebrates unique cultures and outstanding contributions of First Nations, Inuit, and Metis people, and furthermore corresponds with the release of the head-start turtles.

Thank you Barrick Gold for your ongoing contribution to and support of wetland conservation! It has been a pleasure working with you again!