The Neighbourhood Bat Watch

Welcome back to another #WingedWednesdays! Have you ever wondered how you can contribute to 🦇bat 🦇conservation?

Conservation is a team effort! We would not know as much as we do about Ontario’s bats without the help and support of our many partners and community members who love bats as much as we do!

This is why we need your help! Right now, we’re entering #batseason. This means that bats have emerged out of hibernation and are currently making their way to their summer roosts to give birth. The problem is we don’t know where all these roosts are🤔! This is where your experience as a Community Scientist is incredibly valuable! If you know where there are any bats roosting (these could be bat boxes, old barns, houses, trees, or caves) please consider contributing this knowledge to the Neighbourhood Bat Watch (! Bats are easily observed but remember #NoTouchNoRisk.

Not only are we looking for roosts, but also any information about the colony itself! You can help gather information about colony size by counting the bats as they emerge for the evening. This is a fun activity to do with your household if you know you have 🦇 bats 🦇 on your property.

The data you collect is incredibly valuable as it helps us at the Native Bat Conservation Program learn more about the distribution and abundance of bats throughout Ontario.

For more information on how to join the Neighbourhood Bat Watch, please watch our recent Bat Diaries video web series for more info.