[Great] Lakes Roadtrip 2022 – Part 3 of 3

By: Christine Drader 

From March 21st to 30th Christine from the Turtle Island Conservation and Adopt-A-Pond programs joined Michelle and Annie from the Great Lakes Program on a Great Lakes Roadtrip. They travelled to 10 destinations and met with 11 conservation partners (10 in person and one virtual) to livestream educational conservation content every week day to a pre-registered list of classrooms and First Nations partners province-wide.  

These livestreams were only accessible to those who had pre-registered for the program but now live on the Zoo’s YouTube channel, where they can be accessed by all members of the public here: The [Great] Lakes Roadtrip 2022 

Every day of the trip, Christine wrote a quick diary entry to summarize the day. This blogpost is 3 of 3 that recap this trip!  

Check out the other two here: 

Monday, March 28th 

Today was a very busy day! We had three videos scheduled: first, the video with Aaron and Garden River First Nation at 10:00AM, an interview with the Pitcher Lab at LaSalle Freshwater Restoration Ecology Centre at 11:00AM, and then lastly the International Joint Commision 1:00PM. 

Although Aaron was not able to join the live Q&A today, we were still able to post the video on sea lamprey and got lots of amazing questions to our Padlet.  

Pictured above is Aaron, a sea lamprey attached to his arm, and myself all having a great time! This picture definitely sums up my experience with this interview!

The Invasive Sea Lamprey   The Great Lakes Roadtrip Live 

Next, we hosted a video with Madison, a graduate student at the Pitcher Lab at LaSalle Freshwater Restoration Ecology Centre. She spoke about her work with the Red-side Dace, swim flumes, and sediment science!  

Annie, myself, and Madison in the Pitcher Lab.

Saving the Redside Dace – The [Great] Lakes Roadtrip Live 

For our final video, we headed over to the International Joint Commission (IJC) to speak to Raj, a physical scientist. He spoke on microplastics and plastics in the Great Lakes and what we can do to help. 

Myself and Annie outside the International Joint Commission office. 

Microplastics and Bioaccumulation – The [Great] Lakes Roadtrip Live 

Following our presentations, we went back on the road to our final hotel rest-stop in Burlington! Looking forward to sleeping back in our beds at home, but are still excited about our last 3 videos of the trip.  

Tuesday, March 29th 

We had two videos go up today, first starting off with the live Q&A session with Carter from Shawanaga First Nation. We had lots of amazing questions come through about the Lake Sturgeon, Walleye hatchery and monitoring efforts done by Shawanaga First Nation.  

Aquatic SAR + Community Conservation – The [Great] Lakes Roadtrip 2022 

After finishing up the Q&A, we met with Maude and David from the Aquatic Invasive Species Program at the Canada Centre for Inland Waters. They spoke about the invasive Asian Carp and what work is being done to stop their spread. 

Annie, myself, Maude, and David in the Aquatic Invasive Species Program tent where we filmed.

The Asian Carp Surveillance Plan – The [Great] Lakes Roadtrip Live 

Wednesday, March 30th  

Today is the final livestream of our [Great] Lakes Roadtrip 2022. Unfortunately, we were not able to travel to Georgina Island due to the lake conditions and closure of the ferry, however we still were still joined by community members and staff virtually! We had 6 wonderful speakers: Brandon, Alyssa, JL, Heather, Tammy, and Patti who spoke about the importance of water, or “Nibi” in Anishnaabe, and the projects that the community and Environmental department are involved in.  

Sacred Water and Indigenous Consultation – The [Great] Lakes Roadtrip Live  

And that’s a wrap on the [Great] Lakes Roadtrip 2022! It was a busy but rewarding experience, and we met with so many amazing partners. We want to say a big thank you to every one of our partners, as well as to all the registrants who tuned in live and asked fantastic questions! Reminder to check out all the videos at The [Great] Lakes Roadtrip 2022 

Annie and myself posing with the Bighead Carp model after our final livestream with Georgina Island First Nation.