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[Great] Lakes Roadtrip 2022 – Part 1 of 3

 By: Christine Drader  From March 21st to 30th Christine from the Turtle Island Conservation and Adopt-A-Pond programs joined Michelle and Annie from the Great Lakes Program on a Great Lakes Roadtrip. They travelled… Continue reading

The interesting world of leeches!

Have you ever wondered about leeches? What do they actually do, anyway? Read this blog post to find out!

Do reptiles have families?

Happy Family Day!! 💚  At Adopt-A-Pond we feel like a family, and we are happy to be a part of some reptile “families” and their journeys! 🐢   Our Blanding’s turtle headstart program begins… Continue reading

Wetland Conservation and How WE Can Make a Difference

Written by: Christine Drader Here at Adopt-A-Pond, we have the great fortune to be able to work on a vital habitat and ecosystem—wetlands. Wetlands support an abundance of biodiversity, and they are home… Continue reading

Is there anything wetlands can’t do? 

Written by: Courtney Leermakers  If you follow Adopt-A-Pond (AAP) on Facebook or have read some of our other blog posts, you may be aware that we monitor and protect reptiles and amphibians in… Continue reading

Fieldwork in Winter

Winter is here, and the Adopt-A-Pond team is still out and about conducting fieldwork!

Turtle-ly Cool Fieldwork: CALL Intern Experience

We had the pleasure of bringing four interns out in the field with us from the Climate Action Learning & Leadership (CALL) Program. They assisted us with tracking our headstart and adult Blanding’s turtles via radio telemetry and also partook… Continue reading

National STEAM Day 2021

Today is National STEAM Day, a day that celebrates and illuminates the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. Here at the Toronto Zoo, we work to connect people, animals, and conservation science to fight extinction.   As Conservation Technicians with the Adopt-A-Pond and Turtle Island Conservation programs, we are proud to be involved… Continue reading

Do turtles really breathe through their butts?

Written By: Courtney Leermakers, Wetland Conservation Technician Megan Young, Adopt-A-Pond Conservation Steward Donnell Gasbarrini, Adopt-A-Pond Coordinator As autumn brings bright colours of orange, red, and yellow to the trees, we also know to… Continue reading

Shoreline Cleanup Wrap Up 

Check out this blog post about the shoreline cleanups we did this summer!