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Our Batty Summer 2021

By: Melissa Donnelly Now that the summer season has come to an end, we have wrapped up our batty field work! Our summer field assistants have now left us, and our city bats… Continue reading

How do we catch bats? #WingedWednesdays

You may be wondering how the Native Bat Conservation Program (NBCP) catches the bats that we work with.

Best Bat Books for all Ages!

People of all ages can learn something from a good story. Stories can be used to teach morals, lessons, and can also be used as a conservation tool to create new perceptions of misunderstood species. Changing the… Continue reading

A Night of Radio Tracking

It’s late May and the bat team is finally ready to transition from months of planning in the office, to finally getting out into the field and putting our plans to action. We’ve… Continue reading

AutoBat Lure

Testing New Bat Technology for North America #WingedWednesdays

Turtle Island Turtle Teachings

Join us on our blog page to learn all about Turtle Island!

The Neighbourhood Bat Watch

Welcome back to another #WingedWednesdays! Have you ever wondered how you can contribute to bat conservation? Conservation is a team effort! We would not know as much as we do about Ontario’s bats… Continue reading

Help to End the Snapping Turtle Hunt in Ontario

End the Snapping Turtle Hunt in Ontario With its’ serrated shell and dinosaur-like tail, snapping turtles are one of Ontario’s most distinctive – and misunderstood native turtle species. Despite the fact that they… Continue reading

Help us name our baby Blanding’s headstart turtles!

The Toronto Zoo’s new ‘Adopt-an-Animal’ turtle package offers you the chance to name one of our 49 baby Blanding’s turtles from our headstart program. Each of the turtles will be released into the… Continue reading

Making Roads Safer for Turtles

The Long Point Causeway Improvement Project has been moving along at a slow and steady pace over the past 10 years. Starting as a group of concerned citizens who wanted to do something… Continue reading