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Get Kids Thinking About Nature! Resources for Teachers

Want see what life is like living as a turtle?  Try out this online game designed to show you what it’s like living in a turtle’s shell. Be a Blanding’s or a Painted… Continue reading

Did you know some lizards can be legless?

Did you know some lizards can be legless? There are over 200 species of legless lizards worldwide.  Fossil records suggest millions of years ago species of lizards all over the world independently lost… Continue reading

Construction of a Table-land Pond

Adopt-A-Pond, with generous funding provided by Symcor Inc, took part in the construction of a unique table-land pond on the Zoo’s property.  The pond will act as important breeding habitat for Gray Treefrogs… Continue reading

Congratulations team for a successful shoreline clean up!

  Congratulations team for a successful shoreline clean up!   For several years now, Toronto Zoo staff and volunteers have participated in one of the greatest events to help keep Canadian wildlife safe… Continue reading

Meet the Northern Cricket Frog (Acris crepitans)

This small frog is a member of the tree frog family although they do not climb into trees or bushes.  It has a rough skin and can be range in colour from greenish… Continue reading

Oregon Spotted Frogs: the Precious Frog

Oregon Spotted Frogs (Rana pretiosa, meaning “precious frog”) The Oregon spotted frog is considered one of the most endangered amphibians in Canada. It has disappeared from over 70% of its known habitat. Only 35… Continue reading

Kootenay’s Western Toad Helpers

The Kootenay region in BC is helping western toads! What a cool event where community members get hands on and carry toads from their breeding place, the shoreline of Summit Lake, across Highway… Continue reading

Lowering Speed Limits in Wetland Areas to Save Turtles

Check out this video link for a feel good story! Turtle advocates win their four year fight to lower the speed limit on a stretch of road frequently cross by turtles. Good job… Continue reading

A Cottage Country BioBlitz

Summer is a very exciting time to be out in the natural world. What better way to learn about what’s out there than participating in a BioBlitz! A BioBlitz is a community event… Continue reading

Nature Wins in Ontario

Green energy sources, like wind farms, are fantastic solutions for make our communities more environmental. However, if their construction comes at a price of destroying valuable habitat and wildlife, it defeats their purpose. … Continue reading