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“Newt-est” Encounter This Winter – Ontario’s Own Eastern Newt

Matt “The Salamander Man” and long-time supporter of Adopt-A-Pond, is at it again searching for salamanders in the cold Canadian winter. His “newt-est” encounter has been the unique sighting of Ontario’s own Eastern… Continue reading

What’s Barking Under the Ice?

Going out on a cold January night to stand in the middle of an icy stream looking for salamanders may not be everyone’s idea of a fun Friday night, but for the Adopt-A-Pond team… Continue reading

Sick Salamanders… Chytrid fungus’ Next Victim

  The human race is a global species that has adapted to live almost everywhere on earth. The rest of the living world has not quite caught up, which means most species have… Continue reading

Keep your Eyes out for Amphibians!

It’s that time of year when many of our Ontario frogs and salamanders move out of their hibernation areas and start their journey to breed in nearby vernal pools. Vernal pools are temporary… Continue reading

Have you ever heard of an Axolotl?

Photos licence The Axolotl is Mexico’s aquatic salamander that has a slimy tadpole looking tail, feathery gills that look like antlers, and mouth that curls into a smile. Many people recognize them in… Continue reading

Encounters with Canada’s Rarest Salamander!

The Small-mouthed Salamander (Ambystoma texanum) is the rarest salamander species found in Canada, being only found on Pelee Island, Ontario; the southern most point of Canada. The Small-Mouthed Salamander is Federally listed as… Continue reading

Burlington’s Salamanders

Original article by Erin Criger of City News Toronto Can large cities help out our little amphibian friends? Well the City of Burlington sure is! Burlington is helping the Endangered Jefferson salamander (Ambystoma… Continue reading

Salamanders in Crisis!

An Overview of Why Salamander Conservation is Needed by Matt Ellerbeck, Salamander Conservationist Although they are rarely given much thought, and often overlooked when they are, salamanders are in a terrible crisis. Around… Continue reading

Welcome to Adopt-A-Pond News!

Dear frog enthusiasts, turtle lovers and wetland watchers — Welcome to the Adopt-A-Pond Wetland Conservation Programme’s new newsletter! With over 21 years of experience promoting education and stewardship projects that involve Canadians in… Continue reading