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Shoreline Cleanup Wrap Up 

Check out this blog post about the shoreline cleanups we did this summer!

Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup- Happening TODAY West Rouge Beach Park 10am to 2pm!

Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup- West Rouge Beach Park September 19, 2014 10:00AM to 2pm! The Toronto Zoo has been a proud participant in the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup for several years. The Vancouver Aquarium… Continue reading

Plant Your Shoreline!

This week Adopt-A-Pond traveled up to Stony Lake to participate in a shoreline workshop that was organized by the Environmental Council for Clear, Stoney and White Lakes. The workshop was a huge success… Continue reading

Congratulations team for a successful shoreline clean up!

  Congratulations team for a successful shoreline clean up!   For several years now, Toronto Zoo staff and volunteers have participated in one of the greatest events to help keep Canadian wildlife safe… Continue reading

The 2012 Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-Up

by BHAVNA SAMTANI, Visual Communications Intern || Every September, Canadians from across the country head to their local shorelines to help in making it more habitable for wildlife. On September 21st, 2012, staff… Continue reading