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First Turtle Tallies of the 2013 Season!

Congratulations Dj Sproat for entering the first 2013 season’s Turtle Tally! On March 22, Sproat saw the first season’s turtle swimming in a wetland near the town of Stirling. Unfortunately Sproat was unable… Continue reading

Look out for Turtles on the Road

Spring is in the air! And with all of nature’s extracurricular activities it will be soon be time for the sightings of many new mother turtles making there long journey to their nesting… Continue reading

Colin’s Out for Spring

The Toronto Zoo Adopt-A-Pond Wetland Conservation Programme has been tracking a juvenile Blanding’s turtle named Colin since 2005. We have watched Colin grow up and he has become a real celebrity around the… Continue reading

Meet the Ontario Wood Turtle

Wood turtles (Glyptemys insculpta) are Ontario’s most terrestrial turtle. At full size they are a little bit smaller than a football, with bright orange legs and a rugged, angled shell. These unique turtles… Continue reading

Lorie’s Snapping Turtle

Check out this great article featured in The Country Connection magazine.  Find out about Lorie’s experience as she gets up close and personal with a mama Snapping Turtle for the first time! Her apprehension turns… Continue reading

6th Annual FrogWatch and Turtle Tally Participant Appreciation Day

On November 3rd, 2012, Turtle Talliers and FrogWatchers from across the province gathered for a fun-filled day of presentations from frog and turtle stewards, opportunities to share photos and meet fellow conservationists, and an opportunity to tour the Zoo’s reptile and amphibian… Continue reading

Top Turtle Tally Photos from 2012

Blanding’s Turtle – by Isabelle, age 8