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Top Three Ontario Turtle Talliers in the Month of May!

Top Three Ontario Turtle Talliers in the month of May! John Mills of Toronto submitted 21 sightings of turtles swimming and basking in the Toronto area. That’s right, even big cities have room… Continue reading

Frog and turtle reports from across Ontario are rolling in!

Conservation groups across Ontario want to know when and where you see turtles and frogs. It is important to monitor all populations in Ontario to see if a specific area’s species is on… Continue reading

Event: If you like supporting our eight Ontario turtles this is an event for you!

Spring Is Coming In Like A Turtle is a great fundraising event that helps Ontario’s most influential turtle rescue centre, and Adopt-A-Pond’s long-time supporter, The Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre! Spring is coming, and… Continue reading

Restoring the Toronto Zoo’s Natural Spaces

Over the last two years, Toronto Zoo’s Adopt-A-Pond Wetland Conservation Programme has done fabulous work to restore some of the natural spaces on the Zoo’s property. To improve breeding sites for our wonderful… Continue reading

Big Thank You To everyone at Ontario Turtle Talley and FrogWatch Appreciation Day 2014!

Big Thank You to everyone who participated in the Ontario Turtle Talley and FrogWatch Ontario Appreciation Day 2014! Every November we invite the participants of our citizen naturalist programs, Ontario Turtle Tally and… Continue reading

Buffer Zones + You + Turtles = Awesome

Buffer zones are an important part of any ecosystem. A buffer is a strip of land that safeguards the border of an ecosystem. Buffer zones are often a connective transition area between two… Continue reading

Fall is here! Are you Warm Blooded or Cold Blooded?

Being cold blooded, or as scientists say, being an ectotherm, like frogs and turtles, means you have poor to no means of making your own body heat. Heat is very important to living… Continue reading

Want a little Adventure in your life? Try COTERC during Sea Turtle Nesting Season

Want a little Adventure in your life? Try  the Canadian Organization for Tropical Education and Rainforest Conservation (COTERC) is a registered Canadian-based charity. COTERC was founded in 1991 and is based in Pickering,… Continue reading

It is an amazing time to be a Blanding’s Turtle at the Toronto Zoo!

Our headstart Blanding’s turtle project is doing swimmingly! 2014 was a great success, with 41 successfully hatched Blanding’s turtles that are scheduled for release in the summer of 2016.  To date we have… Continue reading

We Released The Baby Blanding’s!

On June 30, 2014 the Toronto Zoo’s Adopt-A-Pond Wetland Conservation Programme, Parks Canada, the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) and Earth Rangers, reintroduced 10 headstart  baby Blanding’s turtles back into the wild in the future Rouge… Continue reading