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Winter Hibernation Part 1: How do Turtles Survive the Winter?

Hibernation for Ontario’s turtles begins in October when cooler weather begins to slow their metabolism. Heat speeds up metabolism whereas cold slows it down. A slower metabolism conserves both oxygen and energy stores.… Continue reading

Blanding’s Headstart Update at the 1.5 Year Mark

All of our 32 headstart Blanding’s turtles are doing very well! When our little guys hatched their average weight was around 10g. Today the 6 month olds weigh a healthy 17g, and the… Continue reading

Team Effort to Airlift a Turtle to Peterborough

Original article taken from Ausable Bayfield Conservation Last spring Port Franks Ontario resident Bill Mallett found an injured 13-pound male snapping turtle injured on the road. The snapper, Mallett suitably named Porter, was… Continue reading

Turtle Eye Muscle Adapts to Shell Vision

University professor of pharmacological and physiological science, Michael Ariel, Ph.D., found an eye opening revelation while studying pond turtles over the last 25 years. When turtles pull their head into their shell you… Continue reading

Get Kids Thinking About Nature! Resources for Teachers

Want see what life is like living as a turtle?  Try out this online game designed to show you what it’s like living in a turtle’s shell. Be a Blanding’s or a Painted… Continue reading

Climate Change and the Future of our Turtles

Climate Change is going to affect how and where our Earth’s plants and animals are going to live in the future. Some species will thrive, while others will sadly perish, but what about… Continue reading

Prosthetic Flippers and a Turtle Named Yu

Check out this lucky Loggerhead sea turtle named Yu.  Yu is a 200-pound female that was found in 2008 after her front flippers had been bitten off by sharks .The Suma Aqualife Park… Continue reading

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Did you ever go out of your way to do something nice only to have it bite you in the butt? Well how about a bite from a rattlesnake? According the Miami Herald,… Continue reading

Lowering Speed Limits in Wetland Areas to Save Turtles

Check out this video link for a feel good story! Turtle advocates win their four year fight to lower the speed limit on a stretch of road frequently cross by turtles. Good job… Continue reading

July Turtle Tally Update

Long July days signal the closing of nesting season. As warmer nights and days become more frequent, little baby turtles are developing in their eggs, in nests underground. Once the mother turtle has… Continue reading