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The menu read: “to delight the palate, soup made from threatened freshwater turtles.”

  The sale of Species at Risk turtles for food has hit close to home. Da Zhao Jian, owner of Fortune Seafood Restaurant on Midland Ave. Scarborough (that’s only 10 minutes from the Toronto Zoo!)… Continue reading

Meet the Ontario Wood Turtle

Wood turtles (Glyptemys insculpta) are Ontario’s most terrestrial turtle. At full size they are a little bit smaller than a football, with bright orange legs and a rugged, angled shell. These unique turtles… Continue reading

Lorie’s Snapping Turtle

Check out this great article featured in The Country Connection magazine.  Find out about Lorie’s experience as she gets up close and personal with a mama Snapping Turtle for the first time! Her apprehension turns… Continue reading

Meet Aubrey

This poor Red-eared slider was rescued from spending 20 years of her life in a bucket! Commonly sold in pet stores, Red-eared sliders are found throughout the South-eastern United States in a variety… Continue reading

Blanding’s Headstart Update

Our headstart Blanding’s turtles are doing very well! When our little guys hatched in August their average weight was around 10g. Today they weigh a healthy 18g, and are even starting to develop… Continue reading

2% of Drivers Swerved to Hit The Turtle

A student from Clemson University in South Carolina ran a project to find out how dangerous the local roads were for crossing turtles. The student put a realistic turtle model in the middle… Continue reading

Winter is here and many of you may be wondering: how does a cold blooded reptile, like a turtle, survive Canada’s winter months?

Hibernation for Ontario’s turtles begins in October when cooler weather begins to slow their metabolism. Metabolism controls the amount of oxygen and food energy used by reptiles and amphibians. Heat speeds up metabolism… Continue reading

Help the Georgian Bay Turtle Hospital

Our friends at the Georgian Bay Turtle Hospital (GBTH) need your support. They are hoping to obtain $100K in funding from the Aviva Community Fund competition to convert a small airplane hangar into… Continue reading

Kids Like Turtles Too

Drawing of a Turtle, by Clairice (age 9) Post-it reads: Turtles are good — they swim good because they help the environment of water. — Don’t hurt the turtles! signed Clairice.

Ontario Herps

Photo by Jennifer Howard Ontario Turtle Tallier since 2007