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Alien Invaders: Phragmites

The Suspect European Common Reed Phragmites australis australis Known Whereabouts Phragmites australis americanus, the native subspecies of common reed, has historically grown in wetlands throughout the temperate zones in Canada. The European common… Continue reading

Ontario Herps

Photo by Jennifer Howard Ontario Turtle Tallier since 2007

6th Annual FrogWatch and Turtle Tally Participant Appreciation Day

On November 3rd, 2012, Turtle Talliers and FrogWatchers from across the province gathered for a fun-filled day of presentations from frog and turtle stewards, opportunities to share photos and meet fellow conservationists, and an opportunity to tour the Zoo’s reptile and amphibian… Continue reading

Changing Temperatures Are Affecting Ontario’s Amphibians

Article by: Shannon Ritchie In the journal of Herpetological Conservation and Biology, an interesting study was published entitled “Community-Level Reponses to Climate Change: Shifts in Anuran Calling Penology” (Walpole et al., 2012). This… Continue reading