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A new population of Blanding’s turtles has been discovered!!

Thanks to the efforts of an amazing group of volunteers from the Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute in Nova Scotia, a fourth previously unknown population of Blanding’s turtles has been discovered in Nova Scotia. A… Continue reading

Our ponds are drying up!

Our fieldwork is well under way with radiotracking the headstart Blanding’s turtles and there has been a lot of movement lately!! We have been noticing the water levels in the ponds dramatically decreasing… Continue reading

Turtles in the News!!

The University of Toronto Scarborough recently posted an article about our Blanding’s turtle headstart project featuring Shannon Ritchie and Tisha Tan, our two current graduate students studying the threatened turtles. Check out the… Continue reading

We have a new Adopt-A-Pond Coordinator!!

  We want to welcome Leanne, our new coordinator. She just completed her second week on the job at Adopt-A-Pond. Leanne comes to us from the Hamilton Conservation Authority where she was a… Continue reading

Introducing Eryk to Adopt-A-Pond

  Welcome to Eryk, our newest addition to the Adopt-A-Pond team. He recently completed his undergraduate degree in Zoology at the University of Guelph. During his time at Guelph, he volunteered in a… Continue reading

Shoreline Cleanup with Barrick Gold

The Adopt-A-Pond crew recently teamed up with the staff at Barrick Gold to clean up the beaches and marshes of Rouge National Urban Park. This company generously contributed to our Blanding’s turtle headstart… Continue reading

Baby turtles released to the wild!

  Earlier this week, we released a new cohort of young Blanding’s turtles into the soon-to-be Rouge National Urban Park. This is part of our Urban Turtle Initiative project; to headstart Blanding’s turtles… Continue reading

New Staff at Adopt-A-Pond

Welcome to Nadine and Amy, our two new seasonal staff at Adopt-A-Pond. Nadine studied Zoology at the University of Guelph and completed a Master’s project on the star-nosed mole at the University of… Continue reading

World TurtleWeekend!

Sunday May 22 and Holiday Monday May 23, 2016 Main Event: Americas Wetlands 10:00 am – 4:00 pm Turtles around the world are threatened with extinction, but they are also some of the… Continue reading

A Scary Salamander update!

There is a deadly pathogen affecting wild salamanders in Europe (originating from imported Asian newts), one that has the potential to cause massive die offs of our native salamanders if it reaches North… Continue reading