Are We Hard-Wired to Fear Snakes?

Work by neuroscientists in Japan and Brazil are looking into Lynne Isbell’s, a professor of anthropology at the University of California, hypothesis that our primate ancestors evolved good, close-range vision primarily to spot… Continue reading

Did you know some lizards can be legless?

Did you know some lizards can be legless? There are over 200 species of legless lizards worldwide.  Fossil records suggest millions of years ago species of lizards all over the world independently lost… Continue reading

A Big Thank You! To the Participants of Appreciation Day 2013

A Big Thank You to everyone who participated in the Ontario Turtle Talley and FrogWatch Ontario Appreciation Day! Every November we invite the participants of our citizen naturalist programs, Ontario Turtle Tally and… Continue reading

Construction of a Table-land Pond

Adopt-A-Pond, with generous funding provided by Symcor Inc, took part in the construction of a unique table-land pond on the Zoo’s property.  The pond will act as important breeding habitat for Gray Treefrogs… Continue reading

Climate Change and the Future of our Turtles

Climate Change is going to affect how and where our Earth’s plants and animals are going to live in the future. Some species will thrive, while others will sadly perish, but what about… Continue reading

Prosthetic Flippers and a Turtle Named Yu

Check out this lucky Loggerhead sea turtle named Yu.  Yu is a 200-pound female that was found in 2008 after her front flippers had been bitten off by sharks .The Suma Aqualife Park… Continue reading

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Did you ever go out of your way to do something nice only to have it bite you in the butt? Well how about a bite from a rattlesnake? According the Miami Herald,… Continue reading

Congratulations team for a successful shoreline clean up!

  Congratulations team for a successful shoreline clean up!   For several years now, Toronto Zoo staff and volunteers have participated in one of the greatest events to help keep Canadian wildlife safe… Continue reading

Don’t Forget Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup- West Rouge Beach Park September 27, 2013 10:00AM

The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup brings the community together to achieve measurable impacts on the environment, both locally and globally. Through individual action, nearly one million kilograms of shoreline litter has been removed… Continue reading

Meet the Northern Cricket Frog (Acris crepitans)

This small frog is a member of the tree frog family although they do not climb into trees or bushes.  It has a rough skin and can be range in colour from greenish… Continue reading