Oregon Spotted Frogs: the Precious Frog

Oregon Spotted Frogs (Rana pretiosa, meaning “precious frog”) The Oregon spotted frog is considered one of the most endangered amphibians in Canada. It has disappeared from over 70% of its known habitat. Only 35… Continue reading

Two Great Events: Rouge Park BioBlitz Sept 14-15 and Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup Sept 27

Check out these two great events! Ontario BioBlitz – Rouge Park 2013 September 14-15, 2013 A BioBlitz is a special type of field study, where a group of volunteers conduct an intensive 24-hour… Continue reading

Kootenay’s Western Toad Helpers

The Kootenay region in BC is helping western toads! What a cool event where community members get hands on and carry toads from their breeding place, the shoreline of Summit Lake, across Highway… Continue reading

Lowering Speed Limits in Wetland Areas to Save Turtles

Check out this video link for a feel good story! Turtle advocates win their four year fight to lower the speed limit on a stretch of road frequently cross by turtles. Good job… Continue reading

A Cottage Country BioBlitz

Summer is a very exciting time to be out in the natural world. What better way to learn about what’s out there than participating in a BioBlitz! A BioBlitz is a community event… Continue reading

Turtles are Hatching!

A new clutch of head-start Blanding’s turtles started hatching at the Toronto Zoo on August 6th! Blanding’s turtles, a threatened species in Ontario, are decreasing due to the destruction of their wetland habitat,… Continue reading

July Turtle Tally Update

Long July days signal the closing of nesting season. As warmer nights and days become more frequent, little baby turtles are developing in their eggs, in nests underground. Once the mother turtle has… Continue reading

Nature Wins in Ontario

Green energy sources, like wind farms, are fantastic solutions for make our communities more environmental. However, if their construction comes at a price of destroying valuable habitat and wildlife, it defeats their purpose. … Continue reading

Encounters with Canada’s Rarest Salamander!

The Small-mouthed Salamander (Ambystoma texanum) is the rarest salamander species found in Canada, being only found on Pelee Island, Ontario; the southern most point of Canada. The Small-Mouthed Salamander is Federally listed as… Continue reading

American Toads (Anaxyrus americanus) are on the move!

American Toads (Anaxyrus americanus) are on the move. Completing their metamorphisis from tadpole to adult these little toadlets have started climbing out of their wetland nurseries to forage in nearby forest and fields.… Continue reading