Bats of Ontario Part 1: Migratory Species #WingedWednesdays

Over the next two weeks our blog will focus on introducing the 8 native bat species in Ontario. This week we will focus on the 3 migratory species of bats. These 3 bats spend their summers here in Canada, where they give birth to and raise their young. They do not hibernate in caves, but instead fly south, migrating during the fall to spend the winter months in warmer habitats. Let’s meet our 3 incredible migratory species: the Hoary Bat, the Eastern Red Bat and the Silver-haired Bat.


Written by Avalon Carthew Believe it or not, we managed to do not one, but TWO, shoreline cleanups last week. In addition to the cleanup in Alderville First Nation on Friday, July 23rd,… Continue reading

The Positive Impact of Bats on Humans #WingedWednesdays

Although it’s not something we think about often bats make a huge positive difference in the lives of humans. Read all about the different ways in this week’s #WingedWednesday Blog

Alderville Shoreline Cleanup Project

Written by Christine Drader  On Tuesday, July 20th, myself, Avalon, and Taylor from Turtle Island Conservation as well as Michelle from the Great Lakes Program went to Alderville First Nation for a shoreline cleanup event.… Continue reading

How do we catch bats? #WingedWednesdays

You may be wondering how the Native Bat Conservation Program (NBCP) catches the bats that we work with.

World Snake Day 2021

Today, June 16th, 2021 is World Snake day! Reptiles play a huge role in the health of our ecosystems around the world. In urbanized areas like southern Ontario, snakes  feed on small mammals like mice and rats, reducing the rodent pest population and in-turn… Continue reading

Best Bat Books for all Ages!

People of all ages can learn something from a good story. Stories can be used to teach morals, lessons, and can also be used as a conservation tool to create new perceptions of misunderstood species. Changing the… Continue reading

A Night of Radio Tracking

It’s late May and the bat team is finally ready to transition from months of planning in the office, to finally getting out into the field and putting our plans to action. We’ve… Continue reading

Meet the NBCP Summer Team!

Every year the Native Bat Conservation Project relies on summer staff to help with the variety of jobs that track the bats over their active season. Meet the individuals making a difference this summer. 

AutoBat Lure

Testing New Bat Technology for North America #WingedWednesdays