Turtle-ly Cool Fieldwork: CALL Intern Experience

We had the pleasure of bringing four interns out in the field with us from the Climate Action Learning & Leadership (CALL) Program. They assisted us with tracking our headstart and adult Blanding’s turtles via radio telemetry and also partook… Continue reading

What do snakes do in the winter?

Interested in what snakes do in winter? Read our latest blog post to find out!

Natural anti-freeze? – How Ontario’s frogs & toads survive the winter 

During the summer, we are likely to see many frogs and toads hopping around ponds and wetlands. Come wintertime, they seem to disappear. So, where do these critters go?  Similar to turtles, most frogs brumate at the bottom of ponds, where the water is cold but not frozen. Unlike… Continue reading

National STEAM Day 2021

Today is National STEAM Day, a day that celebrates and illuminates the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. Here at the Toronto Zoo, we work to connect people, animals, and conservation science to fight extinction.   As Conservation Technicians with the Adopt-A-Pond and Turtle Island Conservation programs, we are proud to be involved… Continue reading

Do turtles really breathe through their butts?

Written By: Courtney Leermakers, Wetland Conservation Technician Megan Young, Adopt-A-Pond Conservation Steward Donnell Gasbarrini, Adopt-A-Pond Coordinator As autumn brings bright colours of orange, red, and yellow to the trees, we also know to… Continue reading

Two Years in the Making: the rehabilitation and release of an adult Blanding’s turtle

For years, Adopt-A-Pond has performed mark-recapture surveys for turtles in the Rouge watershed, much of which is now within the Rouge National Urban Park. Despite this effort, an adult Blanding’s turtle who had never been captured before was found in 2019. While exciting,… Continue reading

Shoreline Cleanup Wrap Up 

Check out this blog post about the shoreline cleanups we did this summer!

Our Batty Summer 2021

By: Melissa Donnelly Now that the summer season has come to an end, we have wrapped up our batty field work! Our summer field assistants have now left us, and our city bats… Continue reading

Ashbridge’s Bay Shoreline Cleanup Project

Written by: Christine Drader, First Nations Conservation Technician On September 1st, our team took part in our final shoreline cleanup event at Ashbridge’s Bay in Toronto. This event was cohosted with the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) and… Continue reading

Magnetawan Shoreline Cleanup

 Written by Avalon Carthew, First Nations Conservation Technician  We’re back with another shoreline cleanup blog for our event in Magnetawan First Nation. I’m sure you have noticed a theme in our shoreline cleanup events –… Continue reading