Turtles of Toronto

Toronto is considered a multicultural city with a mosaic of people living together from different backgrounds. Well the turtles in Toronto seem to share a similar situation. Can you spot the four species… Continue reading

Meet our Red-spotted Newts (Notophthalmus viridescens)

These cute little guys are being raised in the Toronto Zoo for our education classroom. They are pretty small, reaching about 7-10 cm max. They live in quiet pools or slow-moving backwaters of… Continue reading

Wetlands and You

Ever wonder how wetlands are evaluated? On June 1st community members of Otty Lake were given a hands-on lesson in wetland evaluation by our skilled Adopt-A-Pond staff. What a great day to be… Continue reading

Turtles Are Nesting!

 Thank you Turtle Talliers for reporting your sightings of nesting turtles!  So far we have been getting reports of Snapping turtles on the move, and nesting Painted and Map turtles. Make sure to… Continue reading

World Turtle Day Winners!

Our visitors have voted, and congratulations to all of the schools who took part in this year’s World Turtle Week School Challenge!  Our grand prize winner is Elkhorn Public School’s Mrs. Alvarado’s grade… Continue reading

World Turtle Week happening at the Zoo from May 18th to 23rd

World Turtle Week happening at the Zoo from May 18th to 23rd. Staring the same weekend as the opening for the new Giant Panda exhibit! You won’t want to miss all the festivities!… Continue reading

Serpentine Spring

Frogs and turtles aren’t the only reptiles emerging at this time, snakes are also starting to stir and slither from their winter hibernacula. That’s Adopt-a-Pond’s cue to send out the snake surveyors! From… Continue reading

Spring Toad Festival and World Turtle Week

Our annual Spring Toad Festival took place at the Toronto Zoo on May 4th and May 5th. And what a great event it was! Visitors celebrated the arrival of spring by experiencing the… Continue reading

First Turtle Tallies of the 2013 Season!

Congratulations Dj Sproat for entering the first 2013 season’s Turtle Tally! On March 22, Sproat saw the first season’s turtle swimming in a wetland near the town of Stirling. Unfortunately Sproat was unable… Continue reading

Look out for Turtles on the Road

Spring is in the air! And with all of nature’s extracurricular activities it will be soon be time for the sightings of many new mother turtles making there long journey to their nesting… Continue reading