11th annual Youth Outdoors Day at Luther Marsh Conservation Area

Adopt-A-Pond took part in the 11th annual Youth Outdoors Day at Luther Marsh Conservation Area outside of Guelph on September 15th. Youth Outdoors Day is an annual event organized by a team of… Continue reading

Building Beaches for Tiny Turtles

by SHANNON RITCHIE, Lakeside Project Lead || Adopt-A-Pond’s Healthy Water-Healthy Wildlife programme has developed an action plan to carry out stewardship initiatives that help local wildlife and their habitats. We provide resources and… Continue reading

Ontario Blanding’s Turtles get a Head Start at Toronto Zoo

by KEN ARDILL, Zoo Photographer (Volunteer) || One day old and cute, cute, cute! It’s a Blanding’s Turtle, born at Toronto Zoo on August 6th! This medium-size species, found around the Great Lakes, has… Continue reading

Long Point Causeway gets Green Light to Install Ecopassages

by CRYSTAL ROBERTSON, Stewardship Coordinator || Biologists in the cottage community of Long Point, Ontario are excited for a long term solution to high numbers of wildlife road mortality. The peninsula of Long… Continue reading

The 2012 Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-Up

by BHAVNA SAMTANI, Visual Communications Intern || Every September, Canadians from across the country head to their local shorelines to help in making it more habitable for wildlife. On September 21st, 2012, staff… Continue reading

Top Turtle Tally Photos from 2012

Top FrogWatch Pictures from 2011/2012

Hatchlings Raised at the Toronto Zoo Brace Themselves for the wild of Kejimkujik

by BHAVNA SAMTANI, Visual Communications Intern || July 6th, 2012 marked the release of 50 head-started Blanding’s turtles into Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site. The turtles had been raised in the… Continue reading

Blanding’s Turtle – by Isabelle, age 8

The Loss of a Dear Friend (1999-2011)

by JENNIFER HOWARD, Frog Watch Participant || Back in the summer of 1999, I was in Petsmart and my son Jeff was only 8 years old. He was standing there looking at this… Continue reading