The Neighbourhood Bat Watch

Welcome back to another #WingedWednesdays! Have you ever wondered how you can contribute to bat conservation? Conservation is a team effort! We would not know as much as we do about Ontario’s bats… Continue reading

Introducing the Native Bat Conservation Program and #WingedWednesdays! 🦇🦇🦇

Welcome to our new summer batty blog guest series #WingedWednesdays, courtesy of Adopt-A-Pond! We are the Toronto Zoo’s Native Bat Conservation Program (NBCP), and we strive to conserve all eight species of bats in Ontario. We do this… Continue reading

What is the First Sign of Spring?

By Courtney Leermakers It’s that time of year again, when outside temperatures slowly begin to increase so you decide to go for a walk near your neighborhood pond. You’re humming to the beat… Continue reading

2021 ILRM Conference: Our Thoughts and Gratitude

The Adopt-A-Pond (AAP) Team was honoured to virtually attend the annual Indigenous Lands and Resource Management Conference, hosted by Magnetawan First Nation and the Georgian Bay Biosphere. This conference took place from April… Continue reading

Introducing our new Technicians

Hi there, our names are Lisa Browning and Courtney Leermakers and we are excited to join the Adopt-A-Pond team for the next 35-weeks as Wetland Conservation Technicians! We are also joined by Christine Drader who is from the Turtle… Continue reading

Winter wetland adventures – how do researchers study reptiles in the winter?

By Tharusha Wijewardena My name is Tharusha Wijewardena and I am a PhD Candidate at Laurentian University. I am collaborating with the Toronto Zoo Adopt-A-Pond team to study the winter ecology of freshwater turtles in Rouge National… Continue reading

Monitoring & Mitigating Road Mortality

Each year, from spring to fall, Adopt-A-Pond staff go out in pairs to look for animals along the roads near the Toronto Zoo. The team walks up and down the road looking for any animals… Continue reading

Eggs and incubation and hatchlings, oh my!

We have some great news to share on this #TurtleTuesday: Our Blanding’s turtle eggs have finished hatching! You can see the young hatchlings in the Americas Pavilion here at the Toronto Zoo. In… Continue reading

Seasonals are back!

After a late start and much uncertainty about how this year would look, seasonal Field Technicians Nina and Carolyn are finally back on the Adopt-A-Pond team! We are so happy to be back,… Continue reading

My Experience in Forestry: Indigenous Engagement & TEK

Megan Young, Adopt-A-Pond’s Wildlife Biologist, took part in an internship in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, at the Great Lakes Forestry Centre for 12 weeks over the winter. She was working as a First… Continue reading