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Have you Seen Turtles Nesting on the Roadside? Some of Our Top Turtle Talliers Share Their Turtle Nesting Stories

Many of our native turtle species have to travel out of their wetland homes to find dry nesting sites on higher ground. Turtles are pretty habitual creatures and will often travel the same… Continue reading

Students Saving Turtles

On May 20th the Adopt-A-Pond the Toronto Zoo’s Wetland Conservation Programme was proud to receive a donation of over $260 from a group of students at Pierre Elliott Trudeau Public School. These students created… Continue reading

Congratulations to Mary Dalli’s grade 1 class at St. Elizabeth Catholic School!

Congratulations to Mary Dalli’s grade 1 class at St. Elizabeth Catholic School in Bowmanville for winning the World Turtle Day School Challenge including free bus transportation and free admission to the Toronto Zoo! GTA students from kindergarten… Continue reading

Top Three Ontario Turtle Talliers in the Month of May!

Top Three Ontario Turtle Talliers in the month of May! John Mills of Toronto submitted 21 sightings of turtles swimming and basking in the Toronto area. That’s right, even big cities have room… Continue reading

Event: If you like supporting our eight Ontario turtles this is an event for you!

Spring Is Coming In Like A Turtle is a great fundraising event that helps Ontario’s most influential turtle rescue centre, and Adopt-A-Pond’s long-time supporter, The Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre! Spring is coming, and… Continue reading

March of the Turtles With Our Blanding’s Headstarts

With our warm March weather, Shannon, our Wetland Biologist, and her turtle tracking assistant Nina, have been eager to see if our hibernating headstart juvenile Blanding’s turtles (Emydoidea blandingii) have started waking up. … Continue reading

Contest: WIN a Free Class Trip to the ZOO! World Turtle Day School Challenge

World Turtle Day ®  is a trademark event founded by the American Tortoise Rescue  For more information about Toronto Zoo conservation programs visit http://www.torontozoo.com/conservation/

Fun Fact: Turtle Embryos Favor the Warmest Side of their Egg!

An article published in the Discover Magazine blog summarizes biologist Wei-Guo Du from the Chinese Academy of Sciences findings that the embryos of Chinese softshell turtles “bask” inside their eggs. Turtles are ectotherms, or “cold-blooded,”… Continue reading

Magnetawan First Nation’s Environmental Stewardship & Anishinabek Land Management Conference

On Wednesday February 18th the Magnetawan First Nation, located about an hour north of Parry Sound, was host to the Environmental Stewardship & Anishinabek Land Management Conference. Adopt-A-Pond was honored to be invited to… Continue reading

Cocaine, guns and turtles

Trafficking illegal materials is big business! The gathering and distribution of animals or animal parts is now the fourth largest contributor to the illegal trade of goods, with annual revenues estimated in the… Continue reading