Plant Your Shoreline!

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This week Adopt-A-Pond traveled up to Stony Lake to participate in a shoreline workshop that was organized by the Environmental Council for Clear, Stoney and White Lakes. The workshop was a huge success with over 8 different species of wetland shrubs being planted along a stretch of rocky shoreline.

Shrubs are great remediators for shoreline erosion! By adding wet loving, soil holding, shrubs like dogwoods, willows, and nanny berry, you can stabilize your shoreline and stop erosion in its tracks. By adding a few wetland flowers and grasses, you too can change your shoreline into a beautiful oasis. Perfect for providing much needed shoreline habitat to pollinators, butterflies, birds and other wetland creatures; all while protecting your shoreline from erosion and keeping your lake healthy by preventing water siltation and chemical run off. Don’t forget to add a few basking logs for our turtle friends too!

Hardened concrete shorelines and grass mowed right to the water’s edge has definitely been the way of cottage landscaping in the past, but now residents are more aware of their connection to the lakes and their role in maintaining quality swimming and drinking water. Keep it natural while still maintaining beautiful sightlines, clean swimming areas and spaces to park your boat.

For more information check out this shoreline naturalization and plant list fact sheet: Restoring Healthy Shorelines

Thank you to all the supporting partners including TD Friends of Environmental Foundation,  Stony Lake Heritage Foundation, Kawartha Land Trust, Viamede Resort, and Andrea Hicks of Cambium Inc. With the help of plants from Green Side Up Env. Services & Landscaping, everyone had a great time and did a great job improving a portion of Stony Lake’s important shoreline!