Wetland restoration at Toronto Zoo

This year, Adopt-A-Pond (AAP) has been restoring and enhancing two wetland areas on Zoo site with Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) and provincial funding from the Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund and… Continue reading

Turtle nesting beach construction at the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada

This fall, Adopt-A-Pond (AAP) staff and the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada (DSC) staff and volunteers constructed a nesting beach for turtles living in the wetlands at the sanctuary. Funding was provided by the… Continue reading

Turtle Tally and FrogWatch Appreciation Day 2018

Last Saturday, November 24, Toronto Zoo’s Adopt-A-Pond hosted their annual FrogWatch and Turtle Tally Appreciation Day to thank the over 787 citizen scientist observers who participated in the programmes in 2018. Since the… Continue reading

Awards received in 2018

The Adopt-A-Pond Wetland Conservation Programme (AAP) has received two awards this fall! Most recently, AAP received a Living City Impact Award, which recognizes outstanding groups and individuals for initiatives that enrich communities in Toronto… Continue reading

Ontario’s Lone Eurycea Salamander, the Northern Two-Lined Salamander by Clint Fulsom (Save the Salamanders)

Ontario’s Lone Eurycea Salamander, the Northern Two-Lined Salamander: Photo taken by Clint Fulsom – Save the Salamanders The genus Eurycea is made up of some twenty-seven salamander species. These are commonly referred to… Continue reading

Avoiding Snakebites: A guide to co-existing with snakes! By Matt Ellerbeck (A.K.A The Snake Man) – Snake Advocate & Conservationist

Snakes are among the world’s most misunderstood and feared creatures. However, the horrible reputation that snakes have is not deserved. Snakes will not make unprovoked attacks on people. When a person comes in… Continue reading

Collections from our Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

A big thank you to everyone who supported and came out to Adopt-A-Pond’s 9th annual Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup held in the Rouge Marsh Beach last Friday! The data has been tallied and… Continue reading

Substantial number of turtle and frog submissions to Ontario Turtle Tally and FrogWatch Ontario in 2018, by Nina Adamo

It’s summer – the best time of the year to see Ontario’s turtle and frog species on the move and active. Whether basking on a rock or log in the sun, crossing roads… Continue reading

A Day in the Field: Sneak Peek into a work day of a Field Technician at the Adopt-A-Pond Program, by Devanshi Kukadia

I got this amazing opportunity to work as a Wetland Conservation Assistant at the Toronto Zoo’s Adopt-A-Pond (AAP) Wetland Conservation Programme in the summer of 2018. I am rightly calling it amazing because… Continue reading

Frogs in Peril by Matt Ellerbeck – Frog Conservationist 

Frog are in terrible trouble. Around 33% of all the world’s frog species are threatened with extinction. This includes several forms found here in Ontario. The Great Lakes/St. Lawrence population (east and north… Continue reading